Islay Mist Peated Reserve 700ml

Islay Mist Peated Reserve 700ml

"The no-age-statement Peated Reserve release of Islay Mist, an Islay-led blended whisky, tempering the smokiness of the island malts with whisky from the mainland. The brand takes inspiration from the special blend served at the first Lord Margadale's 21st birthday in the 1920s.

Nose: Wood smoke, sticking plasters, subtle honey'd malt and some dried fruit.
Palate: A good balance of sweet and savoury, with honey, citrus and raisins in one corner, and camp-fire smoke and wet oak in the other corner.
Finish: Smoky, earthy and rich.
Overall: A great value blend for smoky whisky fans."

40% Alc


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