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Highland Park Sigurd 700ml

Highland Park Sigurd 700ml

"With a rich glowing intensity, this darkly heroic whisky delivers an intricate balance of red soft fruit, dried figs, roasted nuts, honey and classic Highland Park peat smoke. Brought together by an increased combination of European oak casks, it is refined, detailed and carries the precision and intensity of its namesake, Sigurd.

One of the most feared Viking earls from the Orkneyinga Saga, Sigurd was considered to be strong, courageous and in possession of a warrior’s instinct as razor sharp as the sword he always carried by his side.

Almost as revered as the Viking himself, Sigurd’s mighty sword, illustrated on the bottle, was intricately and beautifully engraved, detailing rune stones, dragons, mythical iconography and longships. Like the fabled sword this whisky has been crafted with great skill, care and attention to deliver an expression worthy of carrying his name.

Tasting Notes
Colour: Autumnal gold, clear and bright
Nose: Fresh hay bales, mango, golden syrup sponge, caramelised pineapple and a fragrant smokiness
Palate: Sweet lemon peel, spicy cinnamon bark, oaky woodiness and hint of lavender
Finish: Spicy smokiness with lingering dusty wood notes"

43% Alc

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