Eristoff Vegas Vodka 700ml

Eristoff Vegas Vodka 700ml

"Eristoff Vegas, is a liquor comprising a composition of premium vodka with guarana and ginger. Guarana has high levels of caffeine which gives an incredible thrill, with a delicious exotic and fruity taste. Ginger is a flavor enhancer in combination with guarana and vodka. Besides it adds ginger also add some stimulus ends and spicy.

Eristoff Vegas should be served well chilled. Nice to drink pure, but certainly mixed with cola.

Eristoff history
By 1806, a time when your family name meant everything and the quality of your vodka reflected your standing in society, had the Eristoff family perfected their secret recipe for a premium vodka which made them proud. The recipe remained a close secret from the family. They chose a wolf steeped in folklore and legends to the icon of the vodka born of 'The Land of the Wolf. " Wolf himself was honored by the noble Eristhavi for his physical and mystical power. Stories were passed by the legendary Wolf King Vakhtang Gorgasali, a respected ruler who wore a helmet with a wolf as a symbol of his courage. Legend has it that his enemies in battle would cry 'Beware of the wolf head! "For more than 200 years of family heritage lives on in every bottle of Eristoff. Around the base of the bottle in the Russian Cyrillic characters are the words: Original Family Recipe of Prince Eristoff 1806"

20% Alc


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