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Classic Strong 3 Pack Laga/Cragg/Tal 3x200ml

Classic Strong 3 Pack Laga/Cragg/Tal 3x200ml

Single Malt Whisky lovers will be enamoured with this Gift Pack consisting of the 3 of Scotland's most prized malts! These whiskies offer a broad canvas of powerful tastes ranging from the tang of the sea to the smoky and the peaty, making a distinctive Gift Pack to savour. The perfect gift for the person who enjoys malts that are uncompromising in their character.

Contained within this pack is rich, smoky and peat dominated 16 Year Old malt from Lagavulin, the strong barley-malt and rich dried fruit flavours of Talisker 10 Year Old and the floral scents, riverside herbs and honey characters of the 12 Year Old malt from Cragganmore.

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