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BRB Chocolate Moose Porter 500ml

BRB Chocolate Moose Porter 500ml

Commercial description

Despite their size, if they don’t want you to see them, you’ll have a hard time seeing a Moose in its natural environment. Some say there are some in the South Island (they were introduced there in 1910), and although an antler was found in 2002, the last confirmed sighting was in 1957. They really are elusive beasts.
Our one disappeared one day last winter and it’s taken us this long to find it. If you were searching for it too, which we know some of you were, we can only apologise. Much like the beer itself, its hide ‘n’ seek skills are second to none. But then one day there it was, sitting in a case in the brewery. Good old Chocolate Moose. Back by popular demand, BRB are proud to re-introduce the sweetest full bodied porter we’ve ever had the pleasure to brew. Take a bow, oh silky smooth one – it’s great to have you back. Available now in all good supermarkets and bottle stores.

Porter is an old style of beer. Chocolate is an old style of chocolate. We’ve combined them for an ale with aromas of toasted malts, notes of cocoa and a finish so silky Oscar Wilde would make his curtains from it. To illustrate its magnificence, we present a mighty forest creature with antlers and a dollop of cream on his head: The Chocolate Moose.

BREWER'S NOTES: A dark, clear, almost opaque brew, dominated by an immediate chocolate aroma and supported by half a dozen specialty roasted malts boasting toasted toffee, caramel and light biscuit flavours. A sweeter full bodied chocolate Porter with mild bitterness, robust body and none of the harsh or bitter notes of stout.

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