Bombay Sapphire East 1000ml

Bombay Sapphire East 1000ml

Bombay Sapphire East is the first line extension from Bombay Sapphire in its history. Much of the original thinking behind the new variant was to improve the G and T offering especially in the US where many tonic brands are over sweet, the result of being made with the dreaded corn fructose syrup. So first off East is bottled at the punchier strength of 42% ABV. Then there’s the addition of two new botanicals, Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese black peppercorns, to the standard juniper, citrus, angelica, orris root, coriander, liquorice, cassia bark, almonds, cubeb berries and West African grains of paradise recipe.

East is made exactly the same way as Bombay Sapphire ie. by vapour infusion where the spirit meets the botanicals in vapour form using a Carter-head still allowing the delicate flavours of the two new botanicals to be gently embedded in the spirit. The result is a distinctively different gin that still maintains the family character of Bombay Sapphire. Where the original Sapphire is characterised by soft juniper, spice and lemon flavours, Bombay Sapphire East makes its presence felt with a lovely big earthy pepper hit and green citrussy elements derived from lemongrass . Warm, fragrant spice and a citrus sweetness combine perfectly to add complexity and weight.

The quality of Bombay Sapphire East has been recognised by Gold Medals in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the 2012 International Spirits Challenge. It’s currently going down a storm with bartenders as its exotic flavours give loads to play with.

42% Alc

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