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Black Maple Hill Oregon Bourbon 750ml

Black Maple Hill Oregon Bourbon 750ml

Nose: Barrel char almost immediately, and corn. Behind the veil are toffee, sap, faint coconut and the first hint of banana. With warmth, the banana will blossom, packing with it ground coffee. A bitterness is discernible. I always fight the urge to say maple syrup, but I think it’s just my brain making suggestions based on the name.

Palate: A silky start. Blackberries. A quick change into spicy rye and woody oak. The tropics fade in and out with the coconut from the nose. Green banana bitterness heralds the finish.

Finish: Not a viscous bourbon. Candy corn, biscuit, toffee again, and wood. Medium-long. Not acerbic, but leaves my mouth feeling structured.

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