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Bach Brewing Kingtide Pacific IPA 500ml

Bach Brewing Kingtide Pacific IPA 500ml

"Kingtide is loaded with a caravan full of five character hops from the NZ and USA coasts of the Pacific Ocean.

Gold Medal Winner:
2015 Australian International Beer Awards
2015 Brewers Guild of NZ Awards
2014 NW Beer & Cider Awards
Silver Medal Winner:
2016 Australian International Beer Awards
2016 NW Beer & Cider Awards
2015 Dublin Craft Beer Cup
2014 Brewers Guild of NZ Awards

Tasting Notes:
True to its Pacific genre, Kingtide weaves a balance between the tropical fruit of the NZ hops and the citrus-pine of the US hops. At 7 per cent, its sweet, mellow, with a broad pillowy mouthfeel. It delivers a multi-layered experience of floral, fruity and charmingly rugged bitterness."


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