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Adelphi 'The Brisbane' 5YO batch 1 700ml

Adelphi 'The Brisbane' 5YO batch 1 700ml

"The fourth release from Adelphi's famous Fusion whisky series hits close to home with The Brisbane, melding the whiskies of Scotland and Australia to create a unique whisky expression, named after Scottish born Thomas Makdougall Brisbane. Known widely for his contribution to astronomy, Aboriginal rights and a free press for Australia, he served as the Governor of New South Wales from 1821-1825. Fused from the whiskies the Starward distillery in Melbourne along with Glen Garioch and Glen Grant from Scotland, it is a beautifully sweet dram with notes that include the scents of baked croissants, butterscotch sauce, honey and banoffee. A note of chocolate eclairs is present on the nose and leads the taste, moving to stone fruits - ripe plum, apricot and tinned prune juice. The finish is sweet overall, with a cream mouthfeel, bitter chocolcate and toffee notes that linger.

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Only 932 bottles made.


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