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Altitude Mischievous Kea IPA 500ml

Altitude Mischievous Kea IPA 500ml

"Named after the most intelligent bird in the world, our native Kea, this is a cheeky, vibrant and characterful beer; just like its namesake. The beer is a complex hybrid, mixing the New World hop-forward and the Old-English toasty and bitter IPA styles.

A judiciously selected blend of four Kiwi hops keep it native. Six different malts and a closely monitored mash schedule give the beer its full and robust body which is needed to maintain balance with the hops. To keep the recipe safe we stashed our only copy in a summit register somewhere in the Southern Alps. Happy hunting!

Vibrant mouth filling hops. Sweet orange and mandarin leading to toasty malt and hop bitterness with a lingering sweetness."


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